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OEM Paper Pallet product and Honey Comb Paper Innovative and Sticker Printer

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FSC Certificate code: BV-COC-139585
BV Certificate No. / Version: TH015719 / V4
Contract No : 17181984

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ISO 9001: 2015
Contract No.:TH016212

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ABOUT PEAKS Alliance Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

PEAKS ALLIANCE is established in June 2014 with Capital investment of 30,000,000 THB. We are one of the leading Paper Honey Comb producers in Thailand. Our production line was set up at Ban Bung, Chonburi, Thailand. Our products are well known in the market with different industries demands such as, Furniture’s, Plastic products, Automotive, Cook ware, Construction & etc  . Our main business is Packaging materials in differences categories such as Paper Pallets, Filling materials, Inside filler, Protectors, Unit load , Carton box , Pallets feet, Corrugated cardboard, Corner protection, PE film, Stickers, Labels, Booklets& many mores
From Sustainable point of view,   PEAKS Alliance is producing environment friendly products which minimized number of carbon footprint. We care all environment impact that the reason our materials is FSC Mix, FSC Recycled      

PEAKS ALLIANCE currently focuses for development of packaging solution from start until end. Our R&D together with engineering will offer a differences solution to meet all demands and service to our clients. Our expertise in honeycomb paper also received in a wide variety of varieties application. We are self-development and nonstop dedication to research and thrive towards the creation of new solution.
​As always, we are providing clients with our innovations in multifunctional products, delivery on time the most reliable quality product with competitiveness to serve our clients greatest satisfaction.

Advantage of Honey comb paper:

  • 1. Environment Friendly    
  • 2. Recycled material      
  • 3. Low emission (Co2)    
  • 4. Fumigation free          
  • 5. Weight limitation  
  • 6. Filling rate M3    
  • 7. FSC Mix, FSC Recycled      

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Deliverable Products

Paper Pallet

Paper pallets are lightweight with weight of 6 Kgs while wooden pallets are 13 Kgs of weight. With a lighter material but loading capacity can be up to 3,000 Kgs. Paper pallets are more durable, clean, safe, and easy to use with environment friendly. The total cost will be most competitive when transport a lighter materials , more filling rate of M3, No fumigation required, High strength quality , recyclable materials & lower carbon foot print

Inside filler

Less for more, A Honey comb core is a best solution for Furniture’s and Doors industry . It is a great filling material with a High compression strength, light weight, less use of wood resources. This is a perfect combination in terms of cost and environment impact.

Unit load

Honey comb unit load is one of smart transportation solution. You can rest assure with your product damage proof . With a light weight and high strength of material. This is one of the great solution for total cost saving of transportation specially a high values of products as well as air freight solution

Protection material

Honey comb is the replacement protection materials out of Foam. With the better benefit of light weight, High strength, total cost and most important point is Environment impact. Our protection materials is in various design to get a perfect fit of your packaging solution

Stickers , Labels & Booklets

A one stops service packaging solution. We are serving our clients with all kinds of Labels, Stickers & Booklets. On the top, to comply with demands and fulfilled sustainable sources of woods, PEAKS is certified FSC company with production of FSC paper.

OEM as Need

PEAKS Alliance is a professional research and development Honey comb Paper Company, our strength serve all demands from client’s packaging solution. We have the team start development with you from packaging design to fit with your valuable products. Our goal is to secure a products damage proof, delivery on time, competitiveness and fulfilled social and environment demands

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